But where does Valentine’s Day come from?

It is first the story of a saint, so a martyr of the Roman time, it goes without saying. Valentin was a Christian priest who had

defied the order of Emperor Claudius in celebrating runaway marriages.

The emperor had prohibited these marriages, since the

Christians, once married, refused to enlist in the legions in order not to

to leave their families. What was to happen happened, he was

sentenced to death and imprisoned.


It is said that before his execution, he befriended the daughter of

his jailer, who was blind, and he restored his sight. Barely

before being decapitated, he handed her heart-shaped leaves on

which he had written “from your Valentine”.


It was then in 496 that Pope Gelasius I decided to make Valentin

the boss of lovers, and celebrates it on February 14th, the date of his

execution. It was then a question of replacing old pagan rites, which

took place on the 15th of February and bore the name of the Lupercales, with

more religious holiday. It was not until 1496 that Valentin was

officially canonized by Pope Alexander VI.


When the sexual games of Lupercalia were abolished, young people

Romans took for custom, rather than running naked after young

single girls, to offer to the choice of their heart wishes

and romantic little gifts. The tradition has continued until

us, and it is always considered good to offer his tender wishes

to the elect of his heart, accompanied by a bouquet of fresh flowers or

of chocolate.


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