champs de tulipe en hollande

The tulip,

The Tulip was originally a wild flower that grew at the foot of the Himalayas. After the conquest of this region by Sulman the Magnificent, these pretty flowers arrived in Constantinople.

For a long time, the Tulip remained a secret jewel of Persia. The Ottoman sultans adored it, and the palace gardens were adorned with this flower.

In the 17th century, Constantinople became a center of commerce, very soon, the name of the Tulip goes beyond the borders of the Ottoman capital. The Tulip thus enters Europe. In Holland, the researches and experiments of Charles de l’Écluse, botanist, allowed to develop the bases of the culture of the bulbs and the selection of Tulips.

In a short time, the popularity of Tulips spread throughout Europe marking the beginning of tulipmania.  The high demand for these flowers created price crisis that lasted for 3 years.  

Today more than 5,600 varieties of tulips are cultivated around the world. They bloom from the end of February until the end of June.

From February until the end of May we receive incredible quantities of tulips, several arrivals a week, a multitude of colors and varieties.
Order online, call us or come see us! We are open 7 days. Deliveries to downtown Montreal and the suburbs.
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