Bulb plants, crocuses bloom in late winter or autumn, and among about one hundred species, the vast majority comes from the mountains of the Mediterranean region.

The best known Crocus Chrysantes and Crocus Vernus are spring-flowering and are one of the first flowers to blossom as spring approaches.

Crocus Speciosus and Crocus Sativus are autumn-flowering, between September and November, and last from two to six weeks.

It is by drying the orange stigmas Crocus Sativus that we obtain the precious saffron used in cooking. It takes about 150 flowers to get one gram of saffron.

Crocus flowers are blue, yellow, red, purple and depending on color, may have different meanings all related to worry. Blue means I hope, I’m afraid, yellow, red, I’m afraid of loving too much and purple, You regret to love me.


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